Emily is an emerging artist who has been classically trained in realist tradition. Emily grew up with her artist Grandmother and showed a strong artistic talent from a young age by winning many local art competitions and gaining an Art Scholarship to Malvern St James’ School. With a keen interest to understand all elements of art, she went on to study History of Art at Nottingham University which was imperative to her understanding of art in today’s society.  With this academic background she realised that she would like to contribute to the world she was so fascinated by and enrolled in a foundation painting and drawing course at the  London Fine Art Studios.

Emily will only paint from life to give the most honest outcome. As the light constantly changes in her Gloucestershire based studio, it’s relationship on the subject can create some fascinating colours which simply can’t be captured by a photograph. She focuses very much on chiaroscuro and really likes to push the depth of light which she feels gives a more vibrant, fresh and contemporary feel.

In addition to her still life pieces, Emily is now applying her style to portraiture. Having recently attended The Florence Academy of Art, she has developed some valuable skills to allow her to produce very sensitive and realistic portraits which most importantly capture a true likeness of the sitter.

Emily is currently hanging her work in local galleries around Gloucestershire, as well as exhibiting in most major London Art shows. She recently had three paintings accepted for the Chelsea Art Society annual exhibition where her work was sold and highly commended by members of the committee.